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Online Casinos in Asia

The casino industry, in general, has experienced very rapid growth in Asia, especially with the online gambling market, which has recorded the fastest growth in Asia. Asia boasts of over 50% of the world’s population today, and as such, the rapid growth of the online casino market in this continent is really promising. One factor that has favored the rapid growth in this sector is the steady technological progress over the past few decades, and also an increase in the number of people with access to mobile devices and computers. 

Gambling activities have gradually become a form of recreation among Asians, and it is also becoming a part of their culture. An example is seen in China, where gambling has been included in many social events such as weddings and birthday parties. It is now common to see guests in the corner of these social events enjoying the popular Mahjong and a lot of other casino games. Today, Mahjong is among the most popular casino games in the entire universe. 

Another factor that has favored the rapid growth of online casinos in Asia comes from the fact that the whole continent has a very rich and strong historical background in gambling. Most of the poker games today originated from Asia. It has been suggested by a lot of historians that the Keno game, which is a lottery-styled game invented in China, contributed to the funding that was used in building the Great Wall of China.

It is not surprising that the Asian passion for gambling has been extrapolated to the online gambling world as well. A very large number of Asians are now able to place their bets on their favorite casino games within the comfort of their homes. 

In this article, we will look into Online Casinos in Asia. The differences between the jurisdictions of the Asian countries where gambling is legal and also those where it is completely illegal. Therefore, without further ado, let us give a general overview of the gambling industry as a whole in Asia. 

General Overview of the Gambling Industry as a whole in Asia

No doubt about the fact that Asia is the largest continent in the entire universe. Asia also has the biggest gambling market with a consistent growth in the gambling revenue it generates. The Asian gambling markets also ensures that it is part of most of the global trends. An example is a movement from land-based gambling to online gambling, in addition to the increase in the popularity of online gambling games through the spread of smartphone devices and computer devices. 

Another trend that is seen in Asian countries like the Philippines and Macau is the integrated casino resorts. This mammoth structure was built with the aim of offering tourists from different parts of the world with the opportunity of taking part in recreational activities where they can spend their money and also make money. Some of these recreational activities include shopping centers, dining restaurants, accommodations, entertaining shows, and luxurious casinos.

Another thing to consider about the gambling industry in the Asian market is in terms of the different gambling regulations. Just as it is seen with most European countries, it is the responsibility of the different Asian countries to enforce its own gambling laws and regulations. This is why there is a glaring variation in the gambling legislation throughout Asia. 

It is true that brick-and-mortar casinos are thriving well in Asia. However, this is not entirely the case with online casinos, and this is because it is prohibited in many Asian Countries. However, this prohibition has not stopped Asians from gambling online. Asian players have found a lot of loopholes that make it easy for them to register and play games and online casinos. They now make use of VPN tools to access these established online casinos.

The Legality of Gambling in Asia

As earlier mentioned, gambling legislation and laws vary from country to country, and the different Asian countries have enacted different laws for gambling in both online casinos and land-scape casinos. We will take a look at these legislations with respect to these countries.


This country is among the biggest gambling hub in the world today, and this is because the local government passed legislation that allows gambling in land-based casinos to be completely legal in different parts of the country. This legislation was passed in 2005, and so many provisions for negative effects of gambling at land-based casinos were made in this legislation. However, only two licensed operators were capped by the local land-based gambling sector. Furthermore, integrated resorts in Singapore were allowed to make use of nothing more than 5% of their space for gambling activities. 

However, despite the fact that it is legal to gamble in land-based casinos, the government also put in measures to see to it that people are discouraged from gambling. It tries to achieve this by placing an entry fee of SGD100 (80.50USD) for Singapore citizens who want to gamble in any establishment. Relatives of people battling with pathological gambling are also allowed to gamble. Such people are covered by the family exclusion order. 

Sadly, a restrictive policy concerning online gambling was adopted by Singapore in 2014. This is the Remote Gambling Bill that was passed that year. This bill restricted every form of online gambling and rendered it completely illegal in Singapore. Only operators with a special and unique license from authorities were exempted from this rule. No wonder why it is against the law to promote or advertise any activity that is related to gambling on the internet in Singapore. It is also illegal to process financial transactions to and from online casinos in Singapore. 

In fact, this legislation is so strict that the government has made it compulsory for all internet providers to block users from gaining access to any foreign gambling site. Huge fines are billed on people who are caught violating this rule. As a matter of fact, a lot of players who fail to abide by this law have been prosecuted in recent times, and most of these players had to face as much as six months in prison, in addition to the huge fine they paid for violating the rule. It is strictly illegal to gambling online either in online casinos or other online platforms. 


Just as it is with Singapore in which gambling legislations were passed, the local authorities in the Philippines have also passed different gambling legislation that relates to gambling activities on the Philippines soil. At first glance, this legislation seems a little bit contradictory and perplexing. It is worthy of mentioning that there are two regulatory bodies that oversee gambling activities in the Philippines. The regulation and licensing of all forms of land-based gambling like sports betting, bingo and casino games of skill and chance (for example, roulette, poker, and blackjack) is handled by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). A lot of e-games are also licensed by PAGCOR. It is important to note that these e-games are not casino games, and they should not be mistaken with online casino games. This is because the term usually refers to bingo and other games, which usually have a connection with some terminals in land-based gambling facilities. 

Gambling at online casinos and others in the Philippines is allowed provided that the operator has a license obtained from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). There is a major contradiction with this, however. This is in the fact that online gambling operators that have been licensed by CEZA cannot provide their products and services to residents of the Philippines. These licensed operators are only allowed to provide their products and services to customers in different Asian markets. 

Another funny thing is that it is legal for Philippine players to gamble at websites from other countries. This was made possible in 2012 by the decision of the Court of Appeal. Recall that the law never made it completely illegal for players to gamble online, and as such, there was no need to prosecute Philippines players who take part in gambling online. Therefore, it is technically legal to gamble on offshore casino websites. As long as the countries of these foreign casinos allow registration from the Philippines, it is completely legal for Filipinos to join the foreign online casino sites. 


Macau is located on the southern coast of the People’s Republic of China. This is a special administrative region that is known as the most densely populated place on the planet. Macau was a Portuguese colony, and this territory boast of having a very rich gambling history. This is because partaking in gambling activities have been legal since the 19th century. Little wonder why Macau enjoys a reputation for being among the largest ad most popular gambling hub in the world today. Macau has a gambling revenue that surpasses that of Las Vegas. The city has been named the Monte Carlo of the Orient, and this is because of the way the game is blooming in this region. 

Land-based gambling in Macau is completely legal for both locals and foreigners, including tourists, provided that they are of the legal age. The legal gambling age in Macau is 21 years. Players, up to 21 years, can wager on casino games, poker, sports, and lottery. The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) is the main government body that is responsible for overseeing gambling activities in land-based casinos in Macau. 

There are many unique things about this country, and one of them is the fact that gambling legislation is not differentiated as a branch of law on its own. It exists as a collection of different legal topics that relate to gambling. These topics include tax, criminal, constitutional, administrative, and contract laws. Several aspects are covered by the regulations of land-based gambling in Macau, and this consists of the taxes on gambling revenue, the types of games that can be played legally in registered land-based casinos, and also the licensing of brick-and-mortar casinos. Recently, Macau has experienced a boom in land-based casinos. It is now the home of more than 30 brick-and-mortar casinos, and most of these casinos are owned by some of the biggest and most renowned casino operators like the MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas Sands, and Galaxy Entertainment.

Another thing to note about Macau is that no regulation has been introduced for gambling online. Therefore, since there is no oral or written law against online gambling in Macau, most players from Macau now join different foreign online casinos that accept registrations from Macau. However, the country does not currently issue licenses to operators for online gambling within Macau.


Almost every form of gambling has been banned in China mainland. This ban extends to Mahjong and pokers. It also extends to casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and craps. Scratchcards, slots machines, lotteries, and Keno games are the only form of gambling that has not suffered this ban and is permitted by the Chinese government. It is also legal to take part in sports betting in China, and the Chinese Sports Lottery has a monopoly on this part of the local market. The proximity of China to Macau has made it possible for Chinese residents to travel to play at land-based casinos. Many residents are seen gambling in Macau, and this is because of the fact that they can choose from different gaming options. Unauthorized gambling operators, as well as professional gamblers and promoters, are continuously prosecuted in China by the Chinese government. The arrest of citizens who take part in prohibited gambling like Mahjong is possible. However, this rarely occurs. 

The rules for land-based gambling in China has also been extended to online gambling.  It is completely illegal to operate online gambling websites or to provide online gambling services to residents of China. Access to offshore websites for gambling is not granted to residents of China. The Chinese government has taken extra measures to ensure that its citizen does not have access to offshore gambling websites. Local internet service providers have blocked and blacklisted online casino websites so that Chinese citizens and residents are not allowed access to these sites. 

Another step taken the Chinese government is with Chinese Financial Institutions; these institutions block all forms of payments to and from online casino sites. Therefore, players who may have successfully registered in an offshore casino may find it difficult to logged their payment to these sites using their debit or credit cards. However, Chinese players have devised a solution for this, and that is by making use of Bitcoins and e-wallets as alternative payment methods.

The illegal gambling status in China has not stopped players and operators. In fact, most of these operators accept registration from China, and they also provide support services to players from this country in Chinese. 


Just as it is with China, most forms of gambling are illegal in Japan, with the exception of the lottery, Scratchcards, and sports betting. The most popular form of land-based gambling in Japan is Pachinko. There’s currently no legally operating land-based casino in Japan to offer casino games like poker, blackjack, and roulette to Japanese citizens. However, this is likely to change in the nearest future because a bill has already been passed by lawmakers. This bill became effective in 2010, and it legalizes land-based casino gambling in Japan. 

Most part of the online gambling is not currently allowed in Japan. However, no strict measures are taken by the government to prevent citizens from gambling on the internet. As such, Japanese players are able to access foreign casino sites and enjoy the different options provided by operators of these sites. These options include poker, virtual casino games, and bingo. Unlike China, the Japanese authorities do not restrict or block its citizens from gaining access to these operators. 


Hong Kong is also an administrative region and part of the People’s Republic of China, just like Macau. Land-based gambling in Hong Kong became legal in 1977 when the Gambling Ordinance became came into effect. Hong Kong now has several brick-and-mortar casinos, and it is possible to take part in games like blackjack, poker, and roulette. Land-based gambling on horse racing, sports betting, and lotteries are also possible in Hong Kong, and this is solely spearheaded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Online betting is considered to be illegal in Hong Kong. However, the Hong Kong government has not put measures in place to block access to offshore websites. Therefore, players from different parts of this country gain easy access to these offshore websites where they wager on different casino games like bingo, slots, poker, and slots.  It is important to note that no Hong Kong player has been persecuted for gambling online.


This country is among the very few countries that regard online gambling as a criminal act.  However, land-based gambling is legal only for foreigners. An exception to this rule is that South Koreans can gamble in only one land-based casino, and that is the Gangwonland.

Participating in or offering online gambling activities is a criminal offense, and the only exception to this rule based on the Korean law is online lottery tickets. Players who are caught in violation of this rule will face persecution in addition to a KRW5 million fine, which is equivalent to $4,300.

Individuals who conduct or organize unauthorized gambling activities are also persecuted and risk spending five years in prison if they are found guilty. Internet service providers in the country block access to offshore websites. However, players in this country can play on big casino sites like Ladbrokes and 888 irrespective of these restrictions. Many players in this country have resorted to making use of VPN services to cover their IP address so that they can gain access to offshore casinos.


India also has a complicated legal stand with respect to gambling, just as it is with most of the other Asian countries. This is because the country has 27 states, each of which has its own rules and regulations. This implies that the gambling laws in India vary from one state to another. The Public Gambling Act of 1967 states that operating or participating in any form of gambling activity is punishable by a fine or by imprisonment. However, an exception to this rule is with the games of skill, which is the land-based poker, which is legal in India.

There are other forms of land-based gambling that are completely legal in India, and they include horse racing, lotteries. There are only a few states in India in which land-based casino games are deemed to be legal.

There is no regulation for online gambling in India. However, steps are taking towards introducing regulations for online gambling. Again, there is an exception, and this is with Sikkim, which happens to be the only state in India that has its regulations for online gambling, which is the Sikkim Online Gambling Regulation Act in 2008. Therefore, licenses can be issued by the state for Keno games, sports betting, poker, baccarat, roulette, bingo, casino brag, and blackjack.

Indians also have access to offshores gambling websites, and they can place their bets on these sites. They are not persecuted for gambling on offshore websites. However, the Indian local Indian providers block access to foreign websites and offshore gambling operators. Many players now make use of VPN services to gain access to these offshore casinos.


It was completely illegal to gamble in Vietnam before the fall of the communist regime. The law became more flexible; however, Vietnamese residents were still unable to freely take part in all forms of gambling in the mid-1990s. The lottery is still the only form of gambling that is allowed in the whole of Vietnam, in addition to greyhound race and horse racing betting on tracks owned by the state. Most of the land-based casinos in Vietnam are managed by foreign companies. 

Online gambling is also prohibited in Vietnam, and they also make use of stringent internet censorship in Vietnam. However, a lot of players make use of VPN networks to bypass this censorship. 


Should I gamble when in Asia?

This is probably the biggest question asked by so many gamblers in Asia and those from different parts of the world who plan to visit Asia. There is no fixed answer to this question because it depends on the country you plan to visit or the country where you are located. You can gamble in an Asian country that does not hunt down users even though gambling is illegal in such a country. You can also gamble in a country that permits offshore websites. However, always avoid gambling if you are in a country that is strict on gambling and frowns at it. Do not try to use a VPN service in such a country because the penalties are severe. 

What are the gambling games for Asians?

Several Asian players are willing and eager to go against their country’s rules and regulations by placing wagers on different online platforms and websites. However, a lot of these players do not know the games available to them. Most of the offshore casinos provide Asian players with specialties like Keno, Mahjong, and Sic Bo. This is because the Asian taste is quite different when compared to the rest of the world. The love tables games and games provided by slots machines. Some of the games they enjoy include baccarat, poker, roulette, and blackjack. They also love sports betting.

What are the Online Gambling Laws in Asia:

Asia happens to be one of the largest gambling markets in the world today. However, it is important to note that gambling in many Asian countries is completely illegal. Generally, the laws for gambling varies from country to country. While it is completely legal in some countries, it is illegal in other Asian countries. Also, some Asian countries where online gambling is illegal are strict on this law, while the others where it is illegal are rather flexible. Therefore, it is important to always know the gambling laws in the country you reside in. In addition to knowing the gambling laws of your country, it is also important to know that of the different states if you are in a country like India, where there is a huge variation in the gambling laws from state to state. 

What are the available payment methods for fast withdrawals?

There are different payment methods; using these payment methods depends on if online gambling is legal in your country. The available payment methods for fast withdrawal include EntroPay, e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, Visa credit card, BTC, iwallet, and ecoPayz. Always confirm from your casino operator to know the type of payment method they provide. 

What is the available casino software?

Here are some of the software casinos and offshore casinos that are available in Asia; Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft, Saucify, Amaya, Booming Games, Rival, Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, and Gamomat. It is important to note that there are several other software providers, however, because it is illegal to partake in online gambling in most Asian countries, these developers have blocked access to their site in countries where it is illegal to gamble online.