Billy Walters — The Gambling Legend

Gambling legends are often people who were around when robbing a bank with a pistol and making off on a horse was still the norm. Indeed, few people alive today can be classed as bona fide casino legends, except one man: Billy Walters. Walters is a casino’s worst nightmare thanks to his skill and ability when it comes to sports betting. Over the total of his career the American super bettor has won millions of dollars and become famous in the process.

Supported by a team of savvy gamblers, Walters is the expert in charge of a sports betting operation that is so powerful that with just a few phone calls they can shift the entire betting line on a single game.

Billy’s start in the gambling world came at the age of 15 when he became a successful pool hustler, beating the local pool hall regulars for thousands of dollars. After this his betting prowess began to shine and over time he gained such a powerful reputation that he began to experience difficulties when trying to place large bets.

Today Billy employs a team of experts to research the online casino and betting markets for him. These experienced gamblers scour the casinos looking for any edge they can. Once they find a proposition worth betting on, they inform Billy and he makes the necessary arrangements, which usually means betting hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2010 Billy won $3.5 million from betting on the outcome of the Superbowl. However, this staggering win was still $300,000 less than his 1987 roulette victory which netted him $3.8 million.

Aside from being a hugely successful gambler, Walters is also a canny business man. Among other things he owns a number of car dealerships, shopping centers and commercial properties throughout Las Vegas and America. If ever there was a case for the most successful gambler of all time, then Billy Walters is certainly a strong candidate.