Macau Casinos – Everything You Need to Know

With numerous casinos coming up online to entrap the gamblers, casinos in Macau are gaining popularity like never before. With more and more people shifting to the online mode of reception, online casinos are increasingly gaining importance. People nowadays tend to sit back at home and enjoy the comfort of playing at casinos from therein. In this article, various points of the Macau casinos shall be illustrated.

A Journey Through the History of Casinos in Macau

Macau has a profound history behind its casinos. Gambling and hence casinos were primarily legalized in Macau, as a source of generation of revenues for the government. It all started back in the year 1849. Estimates and reports from around the late 19th century show that as many as 200 gambling houses or casinos were required to pay ‘gambling rent’ to the government. During this time, the government had licensed quite a few Chinese gambling houses.

The second chain of casinos in Macau began when the government granted concessions to the Tai Heng Company in 1937. However, this company was found to lag in exploiting all the possible reaches of gambling. The Macau gambling industry experienced significant and significant changes in the year 1962. With the government granting monopoly rights over gambling to the company named Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau (STDM), the gambling industry was enriched. This company brought in the western-style of games to the gaming industry.

Later in the year 1999, Macau was transferred to become a part of the People’s Republic of China. After that, Macau became a particular administrative region of China. Today, there are as many as 16 Macau casinos that are being operated by the STDM in the city.

Are There Online Casinos in Macau?

There are a large number of available options when it comes to playing at an online casino in Macau. Be it online slots or even table games, playing online casinos is relatively easy to opt for in Macau. All players must go through all the various casino online in Macau. Players might also check and go through the various reviews found on a given website to be able to judge and thereby decide the best online casino judiciously.

As fun as gambling sounds to be, it is also important that players take note of every aspect of it and gamble responsibly. In case players are facing any issue regarding gambling on online platforms, it is always advisable to look for the customer support option in the given online casino website.

What Are Some of the Best Online Casinos in Macau?

Macau is one of those cities where gambling is a widespread activity. Players shall come across a large number of online casinos here. Given below is the list of Macau casinos, that are considered the best:

  • JackpotCity Casino: With a payout speed of 1-2 days and a win rate as high as 97.84%, it is a popular online casino in Macau. It provides its users with a highly secure and safe environment to play in.
  • Ruby Fortune: It is the best casino in Macau available over the internet. With as many as 650 different online casino games to choose from, this website has witnessed enormous growth in recent times.
  • Spin Casino: With a high payout percentage of 97.59%, this is also a highly famous online casino operating in Macau. Players may choose from a list of over 700 different online casinos to play.
  • 22Bet Casino: With a payout percentage of 96.35% and a maximum jackpot of $500,000, it is a highly reliable and trustworthy casino online in Macau.
  • 888 Casino: Operating as a majorly found casino online in Macau since the year 1997, it is can be accessed with ease on mobile devices too. With an excellent payout speed and a highly secure environment for its players, this falls under one of the commonly played online casinos in the city of Macau.

Are the Casinos in Macau Better Than Those in Vegas?

A healthy and resourceful comparison of revenues is essential in determining which between Las Vegas and Macau, comes first in terms of casinos. Geographically speaking, Macau is a city with an area less than that of Las Vegas. However, recent records show that both places have almost the same population. Despite having a smaller geographical area, Macau is still ahead of Las Vegas in terms of its overflowing success reports of online casinos. Going through the Macau casino rating as found in various websites, one can quickly get aware of the importance of casinos in the city of Macau.

Reports say that gambling in Macau is three times higher than that found in the city of Las Vegas. This is quite an impressive fact in itself. At the same time, Las Vegas reports a Gross Gaming Revenue of $6.4 billion, Macau casinos, on the other hand, record a Gross Gaming Revenue as high as $28.04 billion. This record as almost twice as the amount raised from casinos in Las Vegas.

Furthermore, the gaming revenue of Macau is found to grow every year. In recent years, Macau casinos have shown a growth rate of 23.7%, which crossed the estimated 15-20% growth rate with ease. While in the case of tourists visiting Las Vegas, only 69% are found to engage themselves in gambling, in the case of Macau however, 74% of tourists are found to be gambling in Macau.

Demographics play a vital role in making Macau the capital of gambling, leaving behind Las Vegas. The Chinese people do almost two-thirds of the gambling in Macau. China is a vital economy concerning its per capita growth rate. This essentially makes people from China highly excited about gambling. With a large number of Chinese tourists infiltrating the city of Macau, casinos here are gaining importance.

Las Vegas, on the other hand, has a whole different picture altogether. As many as 49% of the total tourists in Las Vegas come in from the western part of the United States of America. The residual chunk of people comes in mostly from western parts of Europe. A judicious number of tourists here may also come for family trips or only for sightseeing too. All these become essential factors in pulling down the gambling industry in the city of Las Vegas.

Is Macau Considered An Expensive City To Visit?

One of the most commonly asked questions is now, whether or not Macau is expensive to visit. This question may be answered most by merely saying that it almost entirely depends on where a person is coming from. For people or tourists visiting Macau from Thailand, Vietnam, or even China, Macau may seem like an expensive option to opt for in the first place. However, for people coming from Hong Kong or elsewhere close to it, Macau shall seem to be a relatively cheap option.

One of the most significant expenses that tourists visiting Macau shall have to incur is hotel accommodation. Even though there might be quite a few options to look at while choosing a hotel, the expenses of accommodation are not cheap. Casino hotels in Macau are quite expensive to opt for in case one is planning for a single night stay.

However, there are a few options that people might opt for. It is always advised to book hotels in Macau through a booking website rather than booking directly. This shall help people in getting a certain number of discounts on the initial rates. Having a telephonic conversation with the manager is always advisable before booking a hotel. The guesthouses found in the city of Macau provide budget accommodation to its visitors. However, tourists should also keep in mind that these guesthouses might also be a bit tricky in some cases.

Tourists visiting Macau may also opt for staying in Hong Kong. It is relatively easy to find pocket-friendly accommodation here. Hong Kong is only an hour away from the city of Macau, is also often considered as an option to stay at, by tourists.

The Blooming Future of Macau Casinos

To date, the primary form of revenue in Macau comes from the booming gambling industry in Macau. The tourism industry has also seen a breakthrough in the recent era, with regards to its growing gambling industry. The tourism industry has linked itself with the gambling industry in Macau and leading to the enormous growth of casinos all over Macau. Over recent years, casinos in the city of Macau shall see even more prosperity.


However, with the recent coronavirus outbreak, casinos operating vividly in Macau have experienced a significant setback like never before. With casinos being shut for a large amount of time, the revenue seems staggering. Restrictions imposed upon travel have further added on to the same. Macau is now overburdened to make pace for its decline in revenues.

Amidst all of this, the good news remains that casinos all over Macau are slowly being reopened in recent times. With additional precautions taken to ensure the safety and health of the gamblers, Macau is all set to regain the stage!