Casinos in Pattaya – Should You Visit One?

Fancy a trip to the land of stunning beaches and serene temples? Thailand is the place for you. Thailand is a beautiful country with many attractions to visit. Of these attractions, Pattaya is THE destination if you are expecting to find beautiful temples and stunning beaches to visit during the day and bustling streets filled with people, food, and lots of entertainment as the sun goes down. Pattaya has grown in fame due to its sex industry in recent years and is often called the Sin City of the East.

Drawing such a comparison with Las Vegas might cause people to take their phone out and search for “best casino in Pattaya” or “List of Pattaya casinos.” While Pattaya certainly lives up to its name as the Sin City with regards to the nightlife, the ambience, and atmosphere, it is certainly not the city to have a go at gambling. There are no casinos in Pattaya because the Thai government prohibits all forms of gambling, excluding the state lottery and horse racing.

Is there any legal casino in Pattaya or nearby?

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, and the religion’s ideals strongly reject the act of gambling as they believe it leads to committing more sins. Thailand boasts the most restrictive gambling legislation in the world, and it has remained the same for the better half of the 21st century. The Pattaya gambling industry is barely existent when it comes to actual legal brick and mortar casinos in Pattaya. The prohibition of gambling is a highly contested and debated talking point due to the influence of gambling in their culture. Gambling became one of the mainstays in the Thai way of life with the migration of Chinese nationals in the 1900s.

One can find illegal gambling dens and backroom games to participate in, but it is highly risky and illegal to do so. The government enforces the prohibition on gambling with an iron fist, and the charges that come with a guilty verdict are rarely lax.  As it stands, no one can find a legal casino within the borders of Thailand due to their Gambling prohibition laws. As far as changes in the legislation are concerned, the government is moving towards a more inclusive ban on gambling. Most Pattaya casinos (establishments that conduct games) are either online or run illegally without the knowledge of the government. It can be futile to try out gambling in Pattaya as it is highly risky, and the prospects of actually winning aren’t worth the odds.

Why online casinos are the best choice for gambling in Pattaya

While the odds are stacked against you to gamble at casinos in Pattaya, there is the option to visit an online casino in Pattaya, where players can try their luck out. Pattaya casinos are predominantly online, as there isn’t any specific regulation to gambling when it takes place virtually. It is important to note that the local officials still deem the act of gambling online as a criminal offence, and they will attempt to charge you if they find out that you are involved in the scene. To counteract these attempts at curbing their business, gambling in Pattaya as a whole has adopted a shift in the way they operate so that they can accommodate punters online.

The gambling scene has been welcoming to the punters by introducing measures like providing free credit, free games for people to learn the games, etc. Another significant aspect of going online is that it reduces the risk of facing charges as well as getting fleeced by unfair rules and playing environments. Despite the absence of fine print that bans the prospect of online gambling, it is preferable if one uses the services of a proxy or a VPN to access a casino online in Pattaya. While the government does target online casinos frequently, casinos operating in other countries that remain outside the line of scrutiny or persecution.

Top-rated online casinos for Pattaya Gamblers

The way to gamble is through an online casino in Pattaya, and there are multiple reasons to corroborate this recommendation. A curious punter looking to find a suitable casino online in Pattaya has to decide on which casino to choose from the plethora of options out there. While it is true that Thailand restricts gambling, it isn’t the case when it comes to its immediate neighbors like Malaysia and Cambodia. Some of the major players in the gambling scene include applications like SCR888 and it’s mobile counterpart – 918Kiss, developed in Malaysia. SCR888 is one amongst the established online casinos for punters looking to get into gambling in Pattaya.

SCR888 is very popular in terms of the Pattaya casino rating along with its variants like 918Kiss. Some of the other popular applications include Dafabet, GClub, JackpotCity Casino, etc. and their variety of casino games rank well in the community. A significant advantage of these online casinos in Pattaya is their expansive library of games of different combinations and categories. This depth in terms of game styles and rules offer gamblers a refreshing experience every time they log on to play and tend to keep them occupied with the applications over more extensive periods. The inclusion of a multitude of offers and free credits are an added advantage for someone in Pattaya to get involved with gambling.

Why should you avoid underground casinos in Pattaya

Despite the ban on all forms of gambling, it would be a mistake to consider that there aren’t any casinos in Pattaya. There are seedy illegal casinos where punters can look to indulge in their favorite pastimes. These establishments are usually well concealed from the naked eye to avoid detection. Pattaya casinos could be in 5-7 star hotels, underground parking structures, and in the basements of restaurants where gamblers can gain access to games. These casinos are illegal, and getting caught up in connection to gambling can be a severe infraction to incur.

According to the Gambling Act of 1935, gambling stands prohibited, and the people caught gambling can face imprisonment. There are several instances where foreigners and locals alike had to face severe sentences for gambling like life in prison or a hefty fine and visa cancellation. The punishment for a casino owner is either life in prison or a hefty fine. The judgment hinges on the severity of the crime committed. To an unsuspecting punter, the punishment can be anything from imprisonment for an indefinite period or a hefty fine and a possible visa cancellation. With the availability of alternatives, opting to visit any of these seedy Pattaya casinos isn’t worth the risk as the consequences are usually extreme.

Legal Casinos near Pattaya

If finding an online casino seems too much a hassle, one can look to Thailand’s neighbors. Thailand shares its borders with a multitude of nations like Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Myanmar. Of these nations, Myanmar has moved to legalize gambling, while countries like Malaysia and Laos allow casinos to run if they get a prior decree from the government. Cambodia still lists gambling as a crime, but the gambling scene is mostly predominant in the country. All the countries share discrepancies in their respective legislation regarding online gambling. Malaysia has allowed only one casino, Casino de Genting, to operate legally. Casino de Genting is considered off-limits to Muslims.

Similarly, Cambodia prohibits gambling in most parts of the country except border towns like Poipech, O Smach, and Bavek and popular tourist destinations like  Koh Kong and Sihanoukville. Cambodia’s largest casino, Naga Casino, is situated near Phnom Penh. While it is illegal for Cambodians to gamble, anyone with a foreign passport can indulge in their pastimes with no legal implications. Cambodia’s border town casino strips often allow foreign nationals to visit their casinos and return home without having to register at the checkpoint. This concession proves handy for someone looking to gamble at an actual casino as the border to Cambodia is a 5-hour journey at best.

The future of gambling in Pattaya

The future of gambling hinges on the decision of the government in the coming years. According to ASEAN Today, nearly 57% of the Thai population indulge in gambling, and a move to legalize casinos can generate roughly USD 2.8 Billion in additional tax revenue. Despite the financial implications, it is still a far fetched assumption due to the country’s religious ideals as well as its governmental policies. There have been efforts to legalize Pattaya casinos to capitalize on the city’s rising fame, but these efforts do not guarantee a change in the landscape.

To the Thai people, this ban may not seem as significant as data suggests that there has been a steady rise in the number of people gambling over the years. To people visiting Pattaya from around the world in search of nightlife and fun, gambling is a choice. Until then, they are finding a casino online in Pattaya remains the best option if you want to gamble. Online casinos involve lesser risk, lesser consequences, and a higher chance of evading prosecution. Online casinos are the best bet (no pun intended) for punters looking to spend and earn credits.