Casinos in Phuket – How to Find One?

Phuket is one of the oldest cities in Thailand, situated in the southeast of Phuket Island. It is also the capital of Phuket Province.

There are plenty of memorable things to do in Phuket, from visiting sea beaches to surfing and scuba diving, from historical sites to night club. There are plenty of options for a tourist in Phuket. But some tourists who search for venturous adventures can go for Gambling on Phuket.

Apart from beautiful rainforests and blue sea with pristine sea beaches which attract tourists from all around the world throughout the year, Phuket is also famous for gambling.

Nowadays there are a lot of Casinos in Phuket.

Is gambling Legal on Phuket?

It is the most common question of those tourists who are looking only for gambling on Phuket. The answer to their question is straightforward.

No. Gambling on Phuket is illegal.

Horse race, poker, casinos were made illegal by the Thai government since they passed the gambling prohibition act in 1935.

So how can you do gambling on Phuket?

Over the years, Phuket has gained a lot of popularity as a holiday destination. As Phuket became a popular tourist destination, it also opened the door of business opportunities in gambling. You can now find illegally running casinos in Phuket hotels, night clubs or some hidden public places.

Or you can go to a neutral territory like Cambodia or Laos where you can do gambling.

Are there casinos in Phuket?

There is no legal casino in the whole country of Thailand. But to tell the truth, there are still many underground casinos operational in the country of Thailand.

However, there are a few large illegal casinos in Phuket like the Thung Thang and the Tiger casino whose owners have managed to strike a deal with the higher government authorities. These are the face of the Phuket gambling industry.

Here you can play baccarat, poker and game slots.

Why should you avoid land-based casinos in Phuket?

As I have said, earlier gambling is prohibited in Thailand though there are some casinos like Thung Thang and the Tiger casino who provide gambling illegally. But it is always a wise decision to avoid the land-based casinos which are present in Phuket.

If you get caught while gambling in Phuket casinos, you can end up with very severe punishment. The police officials raid the casinos regularly. And if they catch you red-handed, you can face prison punishment or a fine depending on the severity of your crime.

Why online casinos are the best for gambling on Phuket?

If you want to do gambling choose the online casino on Phuket. It is the best alternative to land-based Phuket casinos.

However, online casinos are also illegal in Phuket, but you can access the websites by changing your VPN, which will also safeguard you from disciplinary actions.

There you can play games like poker, rummy and Thai roulette.

There are few brands which provide online gambling platform such as,

SCR888 Casino

It is a mobile online casino game available on android and iOS. This app has been developed in Malaysia and is very popular among the gamblers.

Some of the most popular slot games you can play here are,

  • Great Blue Slot Game
  • Thai paradise slot recreation
  • Irish luck slot match

918kiss casino

918kiss is also a famous gambling platform. The games are very well designed and have great graphics so that the users can enjoy themselves while playing the games. They provide games like slot games, card games and arcade games.

Gclub casino

Gclub casino is an online casino playing platform where you can play your gambling games. It is safe and secured, and it hosts several numbers of different gambling games. Gclub casino is ranked as the number one online casino platform. You can play through their website, or you can download the Gclub casino app to play it on your mobile. Gclub offers membership too. You can register yourself through 3 step registration process.

Gclub also provides with promotions. Using them, you can win bonus money, and there are a lot of exciting offers for newcomers.

The most exciting thing about the Gclub casino is that they also suggest you with a lot of options about placing your bet so that you win more.

The list of online casinos on Phuket

There are few websites too that provide online casino on Phuket and where you can do gambling at shallow risk.

  1. Dafabet
  2. Spin casino
  3. Jackpot city casino

Here you can play games like Thai-roulette, poker, backgammon, Caribbean stud poker, Pai gow poker, slots, video poker, three card poker, baccarat and blackjack. These are the best casinos on Phuket and are in the list of safe Phuket casinos and also rank high in the Phuket casinos rating.

Popular casinos near Phuket

There are many casinos in the neutral zone at the borders with Laos and Cambodia were tourists from Phuket visit to gamble. Many hotels also offer transportation facilities to these casinos.

Cambodian casino

There are about 150 casinos in Cambodia. Out of which 90 casinos are located in the coastal Sihanoukville which is located on the Thailand Border. Sihanoukville is also known as the Las Vegas of Cambodia.

Sihanoukville hosts many world-famous casino resorts where people come to try their luck.

  • Holiday palace casino resort – the largest casino resort in Sihanoukville and hosts over 200 gaming machines and ten tables, including six baccarat tables.
  • Sokha Vegas casino at Sokha Beach Resort
  • Quuenco Hotel and Casino – Quuenco Hotel casino has 138 slot machines and 12 gaming tables. You can play blackjack, baccarat and roulette here.

Macau casinos

“Better than Vegas” That’s what the people say about Macau these days. There are more than 40 casinos in Macau now. The country also has a casino strip like the Vegas Strip known as the Cotai Strip.

  • Venetian Casino Resort – the biggest casino resort in the world. You can find exotic shopping malls, 3000 rooms and gondoliers roaming canal inside this hotel. Tourists feel like they are in Venice.
  • City of Dreams – the gaming floor of the City of Dreams is one of the best designed in the city. It is also considered as one of the most exclusive casino present in the city.
  • Sands Macao – It is Macao’s first Las Vegas styled casino. Gamblers usually spend a few hours in the vast gaming hall of this casino.

The most popular casino games in Thailand

The most popular casino games in Thailand are baccarat, blackjack or 21, craps Tai sai and Thai-roulette

Tai sai is also known as Sic Bo is a popular gambling game among the Thais. It is a game of unequal chances. It is a game of ancient Chinese origin. This game is played with three dice. The meaning of ‘Sic Bo’ is precious dice.

Thai-Roulette is a bit different from classical roulette. In classical roulette, the ball rotates around black and red numbers in a circle. And the players usually place their bet on both the colors and numbers.

Thai-roulette is a bit different. The drums look like a large canvas, and the numbers are written in the recesses. The numbers vary from 0 to 9 and are written on the recesses. They are red and black, like classical roulette. A big ball is launched into the drum and when the ball falls in recesses and the player who chose the number is considered as a winner. A player can bet on different numbers at a time, but they can’t put their bet on a color. That’s the rule of the Thai-roulette.

The game has unique rules:

  • If you guess the number correctly your bet is increased by ten times.
  • If you select three numbers and one amongst them falls out, then your bet is increased by six times.
  • If you select four numbers and one amongst them falls out, then your bet is increased by two times.

The gambling business always brings a lot of money to a country’s budget. Gambling is also legal in adjacent countries of Singapore, Laos, Cambodia and Macao. So, the Thai government is also thinking of making gambling legal in the whole of Thailand. It will increase tourists and also will create a large number of job opportunities for the local people. The Thai government is planning to legalize gambling in the city of Pattaya only.

Though this planning is in its adolescence period, however, you can soon find lavish clubs, poker tables, casinos and big casino hotels and resorts in Phuket as soon as the government legalizes their law regarding gambling in Thailand. Till then, it is advised to stay away from illegal gambling activities while you are in Thailand.