Poipet Casinos – How to Choose the Best One

A real gambler will always be on the lookout for the best casinos to earn some easy money: Poipet, a small Cambodian boomtown located near the Cambodia and Thailand border.

Poipet is a haven for people who see gambling as a passion and not just an addiction. This town is filled with dazzling casinos that can make you super-rich in no time. Poipet is a dream town for small-time and big-time casino players.

If you are planning to travel to Poipet, read along to know about the best places to gamble in Poipet.

History of Gambling in Poipet

As per the 1996 Law on Suppression of Gambling, the act of gambling is illegal in Cambodia. All forms of gambling, including online gambling, applies to Cambodian citizens. The Poipet gambling industry caters to foreigners and tourists, providing about US$29 million in revenue in taxes to the government and more than $2 billion as revenue for the casinos. However, the Law in Cambodia does not consider gambling as an offence that is punishable with a term of imprisonment.

Before 2009, Cambodians were also authorized to gamble in casinos that were located in the town. However, due to reports regarding gambling addiction and incidents of violence related to gambling debts and widespread problem gambling, slot machines were banned in 2009. Online Casinos in Poipet are also banned for its citizens.

To enter a casino in Poipet, you must have a foreign passport. This rule is however exploited by a few Cambodian citizens having dual citizenship. If players cannot provide valid ID proof, they must turnover more than 2/3rds of their profits to the law enforcement officials.

What makes Poipet the best destination for gamblers?

After Phnom Penh, Poipet is considered the best town for gambling in Cambodia. With millions of dollars earned in revenue, Poipet casinos are a treat for visiting tourists who love to gamble.

Gambling in Poipet offers a fun experience for all tourists who visit the town. Gamblers in Asia must-visit Poipet to try their luck. This town offers several action-packed casinos that you need to check out.

Safe and Secure Gambling Environment

Casinos in Poipet have a safe and secure environment for gamblers to bet in. It includes introducing a secure system to cash-in and cash-out your chips and provide a fair gaming experience.

Variety of Games

The choices of gamblers change as frequently as their wealth. Every Casino in Poipet is always striving to adapt all the latest gambling games and integrate them on their platforms.

All Casinos in Poipet are partnered with several game developers to ensure that you can play the latest and trendy betting games. All the casinos are certified to ensure that the winning process and probabilities are fair.

Customer Care and Support

Casinos in Poipet provide 24/7 customer care for all visitors. The customer care team of all casinos is always ready to assist and resolve issues.

These support teams are motivated to ensure that all activities are undertaken by the Poipet casinos, its members, and visitors are unbiased and equitable.

What are the best Poipet casinos?

Poipet is filled with several resorts that host their casinos for their members. These resorts are governed by the rules and regulations of the Cambodian government.

Here is a list of Poipet casinos you must try out:

Holiday Place

Holiday place is a resort that accommodates two hotels and two casinos. It is located near the Cambodia and Thailand border.

Holiday place offers more than 105 gaming tables and 1200 slot machines. It is coined as one of the biggest casinos in the country having 65,000 sq—Ft of gambling space.

You can enjoy playing Baccarat, Poker, Tai Sai, Holiday Bull and many other casino games. This resort also offers 300+ rooms for tourists along with several cafes and restaurants.

The Holiday Place is considered as the best casino in the Poipet region.

Star Vegas International Resort and Casino

The Star Vegas International Resort & Casino offers 31000 sq ft of gambling space, 1,600 slot machines, and 118 gaming tables, including games like 3 Card Poker and Roulette.

This resort also offers several weekly events. With over 400 rooms and ten restaurants, this resort is an ideal tourist location for gamblers.

Golden Crown Casino

Golden Crown Casino has a 42,000 square feet of gambling space and counts more than 75 gaming tables and 150 slot machines. The table games available here are Roulette, Dealer Blackjack, Hi-Lo, and more.

This casino is located in the Golden Crown Hotel, which has more than 200 rooms and five restaurants. This hotel is very famous in Poipet for its spa and massage services.

Online Casinos in Poipet

Apart from living casinos, there are several Online Casinos in Poipet that you can visit while staying in Cambodia. Readers must note that Cambodian citizens are not allowed to gamble on Online Casinos.

Here is a list of the best and most reliable Online Casinos in Poipet that you may like:


Dafabet is an online gambling platform based out of Makati and the Philippines. It is one of the biggest bookie sites in Asia, where users can play Poker, Arcade games, and Slots.

It is also home to one of the best sports betting platforms. Users can bet on cricket, football, and various other sports. The overall usability and design of this platform are unequalled.


Formed in 1963, Betsson is a Swedish company specializing in providing the most appealing services to online gamblers.

From the pool to badminton games, Betsson allows you to place a bet on any sport.

Along with sports betting, it also offers different casino games for determining gamblers who visit their site. Betsson is one of the top Online Casinos in Poipet.


If you are an active online gambler, this may not be a newly heard name for you. Established in 2005, Betway is a leading online casino platform with over 1.8 million active users.

Betway has successfully incorporated an entertaining casino environment in its virtual space. It offers sports betting, live draws, the Dice, and much more.

The minimum deposit amount is just ₹200, making this platform easily accessible for all big and small stake players.

What currency is used in Poipet casinos?

The main currency used in Poipet casinos is the Thailand Baht. As most casinos are inspired by the Thailand traditions, Cambodia’s national currency, i.e. the Cambodian Riel, is not accepted in casinos.

The use of foreign currency does not affect gamblers as all gamblers in Cambodia are tourists. However, Online Casinos in Poipet can bet using different currencies as per the website’s Terms and Conditions.

What casino games are most popular in Poipet?


A casino blackjack game is played against the dealer. Every player bets on having a better hand than the dealer.

In the end, the sum of the value of each card is added to decide who is closer to the number 21. The dealer must hit his cards until he is bust or until he has defeated the player. However, the players can decide to stop after any hit.


Slots machines are a fun way of gambling. A player is paid off based on the symbols appearing on the reel after each spin. Players can hit jackpots and claim huge prizes while playing slot games.

Variation Poker

Every gambler is a fan of poker. Casinos in Poipet offer several variations of poker games. Games like 3 Card Poker, ROE, PLO, and 5 Card Poker can be played in Poipet casinos.


The most popular game in Thailand is where players are allowed to choose their betting sides after the cards have been divided between the dealer and the players.


In this game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, or colours red or black.

The Tiger Dragon

It is a two-card version of baccarat. Two cards are drawn to be more specific, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The player bets on which one will be higher.

Why are Poipet casinos so much popular among the Chinese?

Gambling is also prohibited under Chinese law. One of the main reasons gamblers from China choose to travel to Poipet and enjoy the thrilling and exciting gambling experience there.

Casino lovers must visit Poipet once in their lifetime. Gambling has been gifted a new life in Poipet. This town has everything a gambler needs to have some fun while travelling the world.

Poipet can be considered as a gambling hub. With casinos offering thrilling games in an enjoyable gambling environment, you are bound to have a great time here. Get your maps and add this crazy town on your travel list. If you are a real gambler with passion for the games, this is your chance to gain some big bucks while having a blast.