Thailand Casinos and Everything You Need to Know About Them

In the Asia continent, Thailand is a country famous for its heritage and gorgeous beaches, giving tough competition to all major tourist spots worldwide. Everything that one wants to accomplish while travelling is found in Thailand. But travelers often ask, what about gambling and casinos in Thailand?

Although scratch lotteries and horse race bets are entirely legal, gambling games or mortar casinos in Thailand are illegal.

Below affirmed is a brief discussion of casinos in Thailand?

The history and forms of gambling in Thailand culture

Gambling in Thailand has always been a part of Thais. The late 19’s and early 20th century sparked outrage throughout the country when the foreign officials and other immigrants were bringing the concept of games. The lottery system was delivered from the Chinese.

The history of gambling and casinos in Thailand has seen multiple turns. While the Thais had King Rama III as their dominion ruler, gambling dens were legalized for locals to make a living through it.

But very soon, this rule was overturned due to a high graph of bankruptcy with the arriving power of King Rama V. The gambling places in the Southern Region were all discontinued on 1st April 1927.

A new gambling act was then passed in 1930 and the ministry of finance of those decades, Khuang Aphauwong was held in charge for the gambling mainly in the districts of Pran Buri and Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

Whatsoever, the happy days of gambling were again terminated as illegal after being criticized by the locals accompanied by the media. The act was mandated to be revised in 1935.

Regardless of gambling being illegal and the presence of act from the very beginning, locals, are indulged in the act either illegally or by taking part in lotteries and horse race bets supported by the government.

The present scenario of Gambling in Thailand tells us that gambling is illegal for more years to come. So, the seekers will have to reside themselves comfortably at online casinos in Thailand probably.

Are there any casinos in Thailand?

No, there are no mortar casinos in Thailand. Casinos and gambling are strictly banned throughout the country, but the horse race bet and government-authorized lotteries are permitted to function.

The lure to gambling in Thailand persists, and many indulge themselves in it in one form or another. Whether or not internet gambling is legal, isn’t mentioned anywhere in the law. The individuals caught online Thailand Gambling Industry are left loose, and it’s only once out of a hundred to have them stand before the law or face penalties. The government is even against the terms of internet gambling. They are so performing the best to stand as a barrier for the surfacing of foreign gambling websites.

But to all who want to anyway go forward with gambling can take the ride of fun to Cambodia. Yes! Cambodia! Out of so many gambling popular destinations worldwide, Cambodia is in the ‘most opted’ list. The country is for real, absorbing a massive economy from it.

Most countries in Asia have gambling activities banned, one of Cambodia’s prime reasons being called out as the Asian hub of betting.

But the real outrage of Cambodia’s gambling performance began two years back in 2018 with a spike of over 53% in just a year. The great demand overtook as the number of tourists arriving with the purpose of gambling increased rapidly. There are 150 mortar casinos in total in Cambodia, 90 of which are present in the region of Coastal Sihanoukville. Cambodia also has the largest casino in the world named NagaWorld.

Poipet of Cambodia, located over the Thai border, is the nearest Thai casinos available to Thailand. Since the KMs are the shortest among all, it’s everyone’s must-visit place for casino gambling.

But no matter how popular casino gambling is, they are limited to foreign officials only. The residents of the country are banned from engaging in real live casino gambling. The same reason can imply why almost 95% of the players that Poipet receives are outsiders.

Is gambling legal in Thailand?

The locals of Thailand are banned from gambling and casino indulgent. However, the government-funded lotteries and the horse race bet are allowed. Also, as the law doesn’t point particularly at the internet casinos in Thailand, the Thais can conveniently share their gambling time.

But it is important to note that online gambling still carries some amount of chances of bringing you trouble, although it is mostly not happening. So, Thais rather than crossing the border to go gambling at Poipet or the rest of Cambodia, they can choose to stay in the private placement and join for bets online from their respective comfort.

Apart from all, it’s also essential to be cautious while registering for online casinos in Thailand. Thorough checking for authenticity with a government license is significant to avoid any future trouble. Also, the online sites running within Thailand aren’t likely to build headquarters in the country itself.

The regulation of online gambling is now better than ever. It’s convenient to learn the websites and flow according to it with a user-friendly and modern interface. The lingering websites are also in fear of being blocked anytime soon as the government is trying hard to vanish every little concept of gambling from the country.

Why are online casinos the best choice for gambling in Thailand?

When talking about casinos in Thailand, it’s irreverent to come up with ideas. The fact that mortar Thai casinos are nowhere to be found will narrow down the casino list in Thailand destinations. That’s an exception to online gambling and in the future with it is the latest anyone can do. Although online gambling has hit the country, there are still plenty of Thai gamblers crossing the border to Cambodia for a game.

Talking about personal opinion will always get down to online casinos in Thailand because it’s the best any Thai can do. Even the extra cost of travelling and extra time is saved on the internet. Also, gambling is cheaper on the internet.

With online gambling, individuals have their remote Thai casinos anywhere, anytime.

How to choose the best casino in Thailand?

Hunting the best Thai casinos comes with a handy task. Examining each site based on its security policy, safe payments, budget interface, and customer service is the key to learn the best online casinos in Thailand.

After in-depth research, the term ‘ideal online casinos in Thailand rotates around three websites namely SCR888, 918Kiss, and Gclub gambling website, all three of which are categorized in the list of safe Thai casinos and have unique gaming interfaces and cool rewards.

SCR888: Available on both android and iPhone, SCR88 has over 80 unique games and is widely known in all of Malaysia, followed by Brunei. With a very convenient and easy to understand interface, victory can be attained one after another.

918Kiss: The countries with the highest number of 917 Kiss players are Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. 918Kiss is indeed a game closely related to SCR88 or the new version of it. The luring features with a full Thai casino rating with a catchy interface are what attract the gamblers.

GCLUB: Gclub is an online gambling casino that mainly gives you two playing mode options, i.e., either single mode or multiplayer. Worth’s praising feature is its live events, casino-like atmosphere, and 24*7 customer service. Perhaps the best casino in Thailand.

Which casino games are popular in Thailand?

Casinos, be it real-life mortars or the internet, are an emotion. There are plenty of game types available enough to keep the gamblers glowy. The most popular ones among all are stated below:

  1. Online slot: Slots, on alternative talking is a ticket to win fantastic jackpot prizes. With online slots, it’s assured for you to grab something or the other.
  2. Roulette: Roulette, the game of chances is a game that every individual has seen in mortar casinos or Televisions. Out of all other casino games, roulette is the easiest to learn.
  3. Blackjack: Card game that has been here from the earliest is still a choice for many. Perhaps, it is a game that prevails with no peak of boredom.
  4. Poker: Poker is relatively harder to pick and an interactive- based game. Calmness is the key to win this game. With calmness, players will also need to acquire the skills that gradually grow with time.


The ban of Thai mortar casinos is overridden by foreign gambling websites and is a great alternative. The government pushes hard to block these sites, although they can’t proceed to a far extent.

Grabbing the fun of Thai casinos from websites should come with certain precautions. Going further with authentic sites only is best advised in the whole narration. There are many cases witnessed where the winner gambler post-winning is secretly looted.

As for the travelers, rather than throwing time in foreign online casinos in Thailand, it’s relatively better to rejoice in the country’s beauty and its nature.