How to Spot a Fish at the Poker Table?

Many people around the world love to play poker. Poker is a game of cards. It is famous for it has given some expert poker players to the world. There are poker players from all over the world who have gained tremendous name and fame because of this game. Such expert players are called sharks of the game. In an ocean, it is popularly known that sharks are very powerful, whereas fish are comparatively weaker. Likewise, in poker, a Poker fish is a comparatively weaker player who is under-skilled than the other players present at the table. One can spot fish at a poker table. It is quite an interesting concept.

How to Spot Fish Easily?

It is quite easy to spot fish, and one can do so efficiently if he/she knows some of the tricks given below. One can spot Poker fish using these techniques.

  • Fish won’t raise very often:

In poker, the term ‘raise’ is used when a player increases the size of the bet in the same betting round. Poker fish do not raise their bets often. The sharks of the game raise pretty often once they see great chances of winning the bet. If you want to spot fish in a game, you need to keep an eye on who raises pretty often and who does not. The one who does not raise is mostly a Poker fish. If you want to spot fish, you should keep looking for the raise that one is doing.

  • They bankroll the entire game of poker:

In poker, some people are poker fish, and some who are called regs. These regs are regular opponents. They make small profits consistently almost every time. The card room also earns something in every game. If you want to spot fish, then think about those who give money to the poker system. The poker fish are those who fund the entire game. They bet heavily, and most of the poker fish lose their bets. That is how the system of poker earns its money. Hence, if you want to catch the real poker fish, find those who lose most of their money.

  • They play more than 40% hands:

If you want to spot fish at any poker table, then keep a note of who plays how many hands. Generally, the fish hands are more than 40%. If anyone plays more than 40% hands in a game, be sure to spot fish there. If you notice a considerable amount of fish hands, you can tag that player or make a note of it. This will help you keep track of who could be a fish based on the fish’s hands.

  • Higher loss rates:

Poker is a game of betting. However, it is not just a game of chance; it is also a game of skill. The player who cannot strategize the game properly can be called fish poker. There is a need for a good and well-developed skill set to play and win poker. However, fish poker can be easily identified based on this logic. You can spot fish by comparing the loss rates of all the players. Since the fish are not experts in the game, they lose more often. One can get hold of fish poker by keeping a close watch on the players’ rates of profits and losses. The fish will make huge bets but win only a little. That way, you can spot fish.

  • Fundamental mistakes in the basics of the game:

Poker is a game of smart and intelligent ones. There are many rules to be followed and many tricks involved to win this game. If you can comprehend the rules well, only then do you stand a chance of winning it. In the Fish play, you will find ample mistakes made by the player. Fish poker is a game in which there are under-skilled players. They are those who cannot play the game completely well. You can spot a Fish play by understanding who is playing how. If you find some mistakes being made in the game’s fundamental rules, rest assured you can spot fish there. In the case of a Fish play, the players are not able to play smoothly.

  • Random bet sizes:

The bets placed by the sharks are well thought of. They raise the size of the bets cautiously and steadily. First, the sharks try to get a firm grip on the conduction of the game. Then, once they start winning, they raise the bets. However, that is not the case at the fish tables. At the fish tables, there are random bet sizes. The player is not very well-versed with the game. Hence, you can spot fish based on this tendency of the player. At the fish tables, the sizes of the bets keep on changing randomly.

  • Overbetting and underbetting:

Overbetting and underbetting are the two most important concepts in poker. A shark knows when to raise the bet. Also, a good player understands when the raise will be beneficial and profitable. One can catch a fish at the table by understanding which is good at overbetting. In poker, an underbet is defined as a bet that is less than 40% of the pot-size. If you want to catch a fish at the table, you need to look for those who are overbetting and underbetting incautiously.

  • Calling all the way:

If you do not know a game well, the easiest thing you tend to do is follow someone. Even in a poker game, you can catch a fish at the table by keeping a watch on who follows the sharks. If a player calls every bet irrespective of their hands, you can spot fish there.


In poker, there are multiple ways to catch a fish at the table. These are the players who show a poor trajectory of performance. You can spot fish using the techniques given below.


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