Is Gambling Legal in Indonesia?

Gambling is one of the many popular games played in most countries in many parts of the world. People gamble mostly as a hobby or as a leisure time activity. But, some people resort to gambling as a profession or as a source of income too. Some people gamble to earn money. A casino is a place where people go to gamble. Gamblers love to explore various casinos in the world. Some dealers conduct the games, and there are other players there whom one can play against. The dealer is responsible for the smooth and fair conduction of the games. The casinos can be broadly classified into two types. One is the brick and mortar casino or the physical casino, and the other is the online casino, which can be in the form of a live casino or casino apps.

Legalities of Gambling in Indonesia

Gambling is an integral part of Indonesian culture. Despite this, betting and gambling are considered illegal in this country. This can be accounted to the population of Indonesia. 85% of the Indonesian population is Muslim. Betting and gambling do not fit in their norms of living. Hence, they have made sure that these practices are banned in Indonesia. Earlier, a state lottery was run by the government. However, due to large and impactful protests by the Muslim community, this lottery was banned. Now, there are some casinos in cities which are popular tourist attractions. But, these centers are not operated legally. The grandeur and sparkling surroundings of such casinos attract many tourists. However, it is advisable for the tourists to not fall prey to such things and go to such an illegal casino. This is because the government has strict laws against the operation of these casinos. They raid these places frequently, and one might fall in such a trap and have to bear the brunt of it.

Punishments for Gambling in Indonesia

By now, you must have gathered that gambling is an illegal activity in Indonesia. Along with betting, gambling also has some strict and severe punishments for those who practice it. The northern province of Aceh has some strict laws for those who practice gambling. There have been instances when men and women involved in such activities were brutally caned. This was done publicly to give out a harsh and effective public warning against gambling and betting. This prohibition of betting and gambling has harmed the economy of the country. This is because the citizens bet on international events so that Indonesian laws cannot stop and support the economy of other countries. But, this has not made the government make any changes in their system, and betting and gambling still stay prohibited.

Online Casinos in Indonesia

The picture of online gambling is different than that of the physical casinos in the country. The online casinos are allowed to be operated in Indonesia, and they have to follow a specific set of rules laid down for them. The government then issues the license to operate an online casino legally. The practices of these casinos need to be safe and fair. There are various types of online casinos. There are live casinos in which the dealer comes live and conducts the games. In the casino apps or online casino websites, automated algorithms take care of the smooth and correct execution of the games. All of this contributes to making online casinos more attractive. There is no denying that there is some risk involved in gambling and betting of any sort. However, in Indonesia, online casinos are pretty reliable. They have a variety of games, like bingo, rummy, and poker. One can play these games right from the comfort of their homes. The popularity of online casinos is constantly on the rise.


Online casinos are very popular, and they have become a trend in the country of Indonesia. Since there are very strict laws and severe punishments for people practicing real betting, people fear doing so. Here, online casinos have come to the rescue of ardent betters and gambling-lovers.


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