Online Bingo FAQ

There are many questions that participants of online bingo tend to ask. Due to great support that these online platforms offer, it has not only led to the satisfaction of the players but also great participation from them is much endured.

We are going to go through various questions that are normally asked by players when enrolling for online bingo games.

Frequent asked questions on online bingo

Q: How do I play online bingo?

A: The minute you access a site that offers online bingo, locate a button labeled as “play now” for you to be redirected to a page for you to start the process of registering yourself before you can be allowed to play.

Q: Do I have to download specified software to play online bingo?

A: back in the years this was a must but due to the availability of flash, one is not required to download specified software.

Q: Is it legal to play online bingo?

A: Many countries have legalized online bingo games but it’s a great necessity to check up if your country supports this kind of games. Ensure that the site you are participating in has credible licenses justifying that the site is safe to play with.

Q: What age is good enough to participate in online bingo?

A: The legal age that is imposed on online bingo is 18 and above thus it’s very illegal for a minor (under 18) to participate.

Q: what winnings payments options are there?

A: Various sites support different currencies and payment option thus you should locate their official FAQs to locate their payment options.

Q: How safe is my credit card details?

A: After determining that the site is licensed to carry its function, then ensure that the same site has support for secure banking transactions. If they meet the set criteria then your details will be safe with them and you can use sites like PayPal who have high security transactions to transfer funds for you.

Q: How fair are the online bingo games?

A: The games are fair as ever because this site doesn’t have to choose a winner for them to make money. Whoever the winner is, the site will make the same amount of money. As balls are picked through random number generator (RNG).

Q: What’s the price of bingo cards?

A: The price of these cards ranges from site to site thus there’s no fixed cost imposed on these cards. The cost depends on a lot of things and it is required of you to stipulate what game you want to play and they’ll avail you with bingo cards.

Q: How often can I play online bingo games?

A: The minute you finish a game, you need to wait for two minutes before you can be legible to start another game.

Q: How do I secure my identity?

A: Various sites encourage use of aliases if you think you are uncomfortable to share your identity with other participants present.

Q: Are winnings earned taxable?

A: Some are while others aren’t; it depends on the locality of the site and law in place.

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